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Fireproff tightening

A fire-resistant slab or wall loses its effectiveness due to the penetration of cable ducts or pipes. In case of fire, these penetrations constitute a privileged passage for flames and smoke. It is therefore appropriate to seal them tightly to fire.

The Pyro-safe Universal Tightening System allows us to divide a building into separate zones, separated from each other, which in technical terms is called a “subdivision”; thus constituting the ideal solution to the types of problems mentioned above.

In the same way, this system allows us to face the problems caused by the protection of passages of large pipelines and ventilation ducts as well as internal transport systems (hatches, pass-documents, …).

Installation method

  1. Coat the thick side of the wall opening, cables, pipe passages, with the paint.
  2. Cut the panel to fit the hole and mount it so that it remains stalled.
  3. Close joints and opening with pieces of rockwool and dough/paste.
  4. Put a 1 mm thick top coat. on the panel, cables and pipes on both sides.
  5. Length for cables and pipes max. 200 mm.
  6. Provide an additional rock wool collar (previously treated) for larger pipes and
  7. possibly protect PE pipes. with a cuff (see technical sheet).

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