Fire cuff MT4-MT5


Firestop sleeves are applied where synthetic pipes pass through walls and / or fire walls and slabs. During a fire, the intumescent product placed inside the sheath inflates and completely closes the pipe. The spread of smoke and fire will be avoided in areas near fire compartments.

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The sleeve consists of a steel sheath (61 to 70mm high, thickness of the sheet from 0.75 to 1 mm). Inside, the intumescent product is fixed and calculated according to each diameter in order to compress to 100% the pipe PVC, PE, PP and ABS

  • The sleeves can be placed in the wall or applied
  • Installation is quick and easy, even in places with little space

Our sleeves are tested in concrete slab, cellular concrete block and thin wall according to European standards 1366-3 and NBN 713.020.

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MT4-040, MT4-050, MT4-056, MT4-063, MT4-075, MT4-080, MT4-090, MT4-100, MT4-110, MT4-125, MT4-160, MT4-200M, MT5-040, MT5-050, MT5-056, MT5-063, MT5-075, MT5-080, MT5-090, MT5-100, MT5-110, MT5-125, MT5-160, MT5-200